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Miami Ray of Sunshine: Tillie Saka!

  • Posted on
  • By Rachel Kupfer & Ruth Baron
Miami Ray of Sunshine: Tillie Saka!

Meet the faces behind our amazing team here at On The Table!

Kicking off this month is our favorite ray of sunshine from Miami, FL, Tillie Saka aka Tillathon. Tillie came on board a little over a year ago and her warm, positive and infectious personality turned a temporary job into a permanent one. She is the face behind our weekly newsletter emails (if you haven't subscribed yet, hit that button and get in the know!) She also runs our Instagram posts and is a right hand to the website. Read on to get to know our Tillster. 


Name: Tillie Saka.


Age: 25.


Where do you live? Miami Beach.


What are your hidden talents? Sourdough baker. Thanks, quarantine! 


Who are your favorite singers? Ed Sheeren, Ben Rector, Jason Derulo, Carrie Underwood.


Popular nicknames from the OTT crew: Tillathon, Tillster.


The best thing about working at OTT: My coworkers!!! Everyone for their own reasons makes work fun every single day!


The most annoying part of working at OTT? The 'TUDE!!


What are your current favorite Product(s)? So many! Our Butterfly tealights, Mistral Collection for men, Acacia boards, Apothecary matches and The Hotel Collection diffusers and room sprays. 


What is the best or funniest part about working with your coworkers? You never what mood everyone will be in! It's always a circus.


What's the funniest part about working with Raychill, your boss? Her voices, comments & SLANG.


A day in my work life: Wake up & work out! SLOWLY get my coffee and clock into work (or should I say forget to clock in?). Roll my eyes at Andrea for sending me a million invoices. Input them into the website with pictures.
I am then given products to create a matrix (drop-down selection options) and Ruth & I complain to each other and feel each other’s pain about the website upkeep. Rachel looks it over & OF COURSE, has some critiques so I curse under my breath and do them...

Create the insta post for the day with the caption edited 6x by Rach & schedule it to post!


One message to our customers: When you walk into the store just embrace the inner crazy!!!! It’s a circus every day! The best way to deal with it is to join in! 


The future I see for On The Table: A BIGGER storefront & online presence
HUGE following & our name out there so it is a MUST for people when they’re in the area.


What customers think about OTT vs Reality: We have our sh*t together….each day is a new challenge and we just tackle it with grace and humor.


Stay tuned each month to get to know all the faces behind On The Table. Click here to get 10% off of Tillie's #1 product, our Butterfly Tealight holders! Just use code TILS10 at checkout. (Discount valid for one week from this article post date)