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Dr. Dre Dre

  • Posted on
  • By Rachel Kupfer & Ruth Baron
Dr. Dre Dre

This week's featured employee is our hilarious guru behind the velvet curtains, Andrea Rodriguez! Andy manages the BTS (behind the scenes) of OTT. She makes sure everything is running smoothly. When you order online, Andreana makes sure that item gets to you. She also has the pleasure of opening all of the shipments that get delivered to us from vendors. She loves doing that, especially when there are lots and lots of them and no space at all in the store. Dre Dre is also the keeper of the fun, she’s always ready for laughs and just as ready for tequila shots. With her work hard play hard mentality, it’s no wonder we love her valuable addition to OTT! We’re one big happy familia and Ander is the fun sis that has your back and makes fun of you at the same time. Read on to get to know our Ange, and believe it or not, she’s got even more nicknames.


​​Name, age and where do you live? Andrea Rodriguez, 24 years old, I live in Teaneck New Joisey.


Do you have any hidden talents? I don’t have any hidden talents (that I know of). 


Who are your favorite singers? I love any singer that makes me say “oooooooh” when they sing. I don’t discriminate :)


Popular nicknames given from the OTT crew: Andrenoonez, Andy, Andreanes, Dre Dre, Drefis, Andreana, Audriana, Ander, Anderson, Andureah, Reah (short for Andureah), Ange.


The best thing about working at OTT: How we’re all so different but so alike at the same time. We click so well.


The most annoying part of working at OTT: Opening boxes from certain companies. If you know you know *cries*.


Favorite Product(s): Love the fish jugs!!! I love the resin collection as well. Anything flowery and purple I loveeeee. Also grapefruit diffusers and any candle we have. Yum!!!!


What's the best or funniest part of working with your coworkers? I’d say everything. Every day is just nothing but jokes. Whether it’s something that happens to one of us, or the way a story is told. We’re all hilarious.


The funniest part about working with Raychill, your boss? First of all, Rachel doesn’t even know how funny she is but my favorite part is the way she talks out songs. There’s no singing for her, just talking.


Tell us about a day in your work life: Walk into work, check emails, go back & forth with vendors, then scan scan scan scan. Then I wait for Rachel to walk in and I hang her keys up after she throws them anywhere. I take care of online orders, then I wait for UPS to come to the store with 20 boxes, then FedEx with another 20 (take a couple of shots in between) then I open up all the boxes and input the inventory as much as a person possibly can. By the time I’m done it’s time to clean up. So we set up the TL (time-lapse) and then we clean clean clean. We talk for a bit when we finish up, then make deliveries with Raychill and Allison, and then I clock out. Byeeeee OTT!


One message to our customers: I know Rachel and I sound alike over the phone but I promise it’s not her!!!!


The future I see for On The Table: I see On The Tables all over the worldddddddd.




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